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ECI Academy schools and offices

will be closed Wednesday, February 3rd

due to anticipated inclement weather

and dangerous driving conditions.

Please stay safe and warm.

Public Announcement of Referral Period

Education Center International Academy CSD is now accepting referrals for students who may need Gifted/Talented Services for the school year. This program is designed for students who exhibit intellectual and creative thinking abilities at an extraordinary level not normally served in the regular classroom. Servicesare provided only upon identification of education needs of the student. Anyone wishing to refer a student attending Education Center International CSD in grades 3 through 6 this school year is asked to go by the student’s campus office and request a copy of the referral form. This form must be returned to the school by October 5th. Those unable to go by the school should
call 214-628-9152 to request a form be sent to you or you may download below.


Education Center International Academy CSD ahora está aceptando referencias para estudiantes que puedan necesitar Servicios para Dotados/Talentosos para el año escolar. Este programa está diseñado para estudiantes que exhiben habilidades intelectuales y de pensamiento creativo a un nivel extraordinario que normalmente no se ofrece en el salón de clases regular. Los servicios se brindan solo después de la identificación de las necesidades educativas del estudiante. Cualquier persona que desee referir a un estudiante que asiste a Education Center International CSD en los grados 3 a 6 este año escolar debe ir a la oficina del campus del estudiante y solicitar una copia del formulario de referencia. Este formulario debe ser devuelto a la escuela. Aquellos que no puedan pasar por la escuela deben llamar al 972-412-8080 para solicitar que se les envíe un formulario o pueden descargarlo de nuestro.
| Gifted/Talented Service Referral Form

Most parents would love to send their child to a private school, but are not able to afford the tuition. Our charter is designed specifically to bring the environment and heart of a private school but without the costs.

Our small class sizes, high levels of parent participation, and community involvement greatly contribute to ECI Academy's success. We offer safe and friendly environments in which students can successfully learn basic skills and core academic fundamentals while developing character lifelong success.